AYPA TEKSTİL SANAYİ ve TİCARET A.Ş., which was founded by SADIK AYPAR in 1950, started operation by trading cotton and cotton husks. with the Straygarn facility established in the ongoing years, our firm has engaged in manufacturing of wool acrylic and weaving yarns for years. Additionally, the Open-end Yarn Park was founded in 1993.

In our open-end yarn facility, the combinations of cotton-polyester, cotton-acrylic, cotton-polyester-acrylic and similar yarns produced from 6Ne to 24Ne have been our main product group. We also provide customized products of different features and quality depending on the customers' demands with regard to different proportions and different yarn combinations.

The yarns in our bending park can be produced in different folds and quality. The monthly production volume is 150 tones for weaving , knitting, circular knitting yarns and those preferred by the socks producers. The machinery in our plant includes Trützschler, Rieter and Schlafhorst systems with the latest technology in the world.

The yarns produced in our Straygarn yarn facility are a combination of wool-acrylic-polyester, and 1-2-3-4 folds from 7Nm to 16Nm. The production capacity is 25tones/month for weaving, knitting, fabric yarns and those preferred by the socks producers. The proportions in our Straygarn yarn facility can be changed based on the demands of the customers.

The basic mission of our firm is to produce quality yarns for proper and quality textile products, and provide continuance in product and service quality. We also aim to meet the changing and developing market conditions, as well as to become a preferred firm in the sector by increasing the existing customer satisfaction.